Men’s Haircut

$45-$85 60 minutes

Uniquely crafted to suit your headshape, natural texture and lifestyle. You will be given tips and tricks to recreate this at home.



Price varies based on length $95 +

Everything we do is to recreate a natural effect. Highlighting will give you an edgy sun kissed look to match our So-cal Lo-cal ;)


Grey Blending

Add on of $45

We use either Paul Mitchel or Redken’s mens grey blending. This process takes 5-10 extra minutes in addition to your cut. It keeps your grey present but takes the edge off. Turning it light, medium or dark, maintaining your dimension, and depositing an ash or neutral tone. The best part about this color is your friends and family won’t be able to put their finger on what is different, and you wont have roots when it grows out. This product is meant to gently fade over the month, leaving you with little evidence that you color your hair.



$100/hour 3-5 hours

Interested in just going for it? Want to be icy white, grey, baby pink, blue or any other bright fun color? Platinum is the wayyyy to goooo.