“The Works”

The Perfect Lived-in Hair Color $100/hour

This service is a combination of all of our techniques. We carefully select and customize a color experience to give you the most highly sought-after look. The lived-in, rooted, cali blonde. Suitable for all colors - blondes, brunettes, red heads and results vary based on desired goals. We charge hourly for this service. Typically takes 3-4 hours for maintenance appointments, and 4.5 - 8 hours for new clients. This service includes 3 take home products of your stylists choosing.

Booking instructions:

Select your stylist to view her schedule availability. Under Services > Huxley Blonding > “The Works” overhaul your hair for new and existing clients that are new to this service, and “The Works” maintenance for existing clients. 

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Natural Sun-Kissed Color $185-$250 • Toner $35

This service is meant to recreate a summer in the sun. We place painted pieces throughout your hair to mimic nature. Remember the days as a small child where you had those beautiful lightened pieces on your ends and surrounding your face? We help you get those days back. Suitable on any hair color and leaves you with natural, subtle, low maintenance hair color.

Booking instructions:

Select stylist, Services > Hair Highlights and Other > Hairpainting/Balayage > Select date and time. Need help? Call 619.269.1721


Base CL/Color

90 MINUTES $95-$150 •Pricing varies based on stylist

Base CL or Base Color is meant to only color your 1-2 inch grow out from your previous all over color. Ideal for redheads, brunettes, and grey coverage. This is a maintenance appointment. “Color” is an all over solid color. Either a maintenance appointment to include your base and your ends, or a service to make a change. Ideal for clients going darker, coloring their hair for the first time, grey blending or shifting your overall color. Solid, single process, all over color, does not include bleach retouch, foil work, or going from darker to lighter on previously colored hair. Can be added to any other color service.

Booking instructions:

Select stylist, Services > Hair Color and Other > Color > Select date and time

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2-3 HOURS $145-$300 • Toner not included

Highlights is finely placed foilwork to achieve a dimensional lightness from the scalp. Partial HL is a maintenance appointment to take care of your hairline and parting, or for clients with very short hair. Highlights are our most commonly booked highlight service, good for anyone maintaining or highlighting for the first time. Can include one only color, or multiple colors and good for any client. Full Highlight is for our clients who get highlights on a regular basis and need their once per year overhaul. A Full Highlight includes the nape of the neck, where the first two do not. We recommend this if you’re disliking the color you see underneath your hair, and want it to match the top.

Booking Instructions:

Select stylist, Services > Hair Highlight and Other > Partial/HL/Full HL > select date and time

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Platinum Blonde

$100/Hour Consultation required

Solid Blonde, Excellent base for pastels and silver

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Color Correction

 $100/Hour Consultation required

Color correction can apply to a handful of different circumstances, I will do my best to explain them here:

Blonde going back to natural or darker: When you’ve lightened your hair, you have removed all color that lives naturally within it. In order to go back to your natural or darker, we have to do a corrective process of replacing whats been removed. This is to prevent fading, green, muddy color.

Dark going lighter: If you have been coloring your hair at all and wish to go lighter 1-8 shades, it is a corrective process. Unfortunately it isn’t easy to just go one shade or more lighter with the presence of old color.

Bands of color throughout: If your hair is inconsistent and “off” feeling, you may need correction to even out your current color or to go in a different direction altogether.

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