Where We Started


Aubree Hill started Huxley Salon in March of 2015 after 7 years in the industry. She found a little underground space to transform into her dream salon. It had the industrial SF/NY vibe that she had been searching for with little success. Once she found it and locked it in, she began demolishing the space and over the course of 3 months, built it into what it is today.

As for the our team. We have gone through some major changes over the years. Being a hairdresser came naturally to Aubree, managing people on the other hand, did not. It’s been a huge learning curve, with many mistakes a long the way. “I’m beyond grateful to the team I have today. I really enjoy them and feel like I’ve found the work family I’ve been searching for,” says Aubree.

Each of our stylists has been doing hair for 8 years or more (aside from our beloved Heather who has been our protege and newest stylist) .

We are a 6 chair salon with a family feeling. We strongly value a good “vibe” and treat each guest with care. We consider ourselves a high end salon that values the way our guests feel. The finished “product” we produce is above and beyond. We believe in educating our guests and providing them with the tools to complete their look at home. We have a strong reputation, and our clients often feel like we are this hidden little gem.

Aubree places a great value in the skill level of her team. Of course our customer service is number one, but thats with the assumption that her stylists are producing flawless results.